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Word of the week, 28th November

Contrary to what’s easily believed, I have actually been seeking out words and not just searching “fancy words” on the web (though you do get some brilliant ones).

This week came up with a few, including “painterly” and “dynamism” but I decided to focus this week on:


Kyur-rah-tor-ree-ul; adjective; referring to the duties of a curator, or a curator themselves.

I was sat in our student magazine office when one of the girls on the team dropped this in conversation, and mine and the editor’s faces lit up.
It’s breathed out with the “k” and rolled off the tongue with the “l”, all the while having a gentle bounce to it. Pleasant to say and, for once in a while on this blog, isn’t an insult! Unless you don’t particularly care for curators, then to be called curatorial may be insulting.


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