About A Student Sub

My name is Lisa and I am a hopeful journalism student with dreams of becoming a sub-editor. I first realised my love of righting the common wrongs of spelling and grammar while browsing various websites and forums around the web, and seeing the quality of irate comments decreasing to incoherent abbreviations. It irritates me to walk through a shop and see “2-4-1 get it NOW!!!!!” or see obvious mistakes sprawled across the front pages of newspapers and magazines. So through this little blog I am on a quest to explore my love of good grammar and spelling, searching out possible entries in to my dream job.

This blog will mainly consist of spelling and grammatical peeves I have, as well as my progress on becoming a real-life sub-editor and anything I am currently working on. Got something you need editing? Send me a copy and I’ll work my magic on it for absolutely free*.

*I will want a copy of the work or link to its web page to be hosted here so I can show off.


What do you think?

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