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Word of the week, 28th March

This week’s word isn’t particularly uncommon, but it’s one I love the sound of.


Soo-per-floo-us; adjective; excessive and unecessary.

I think I like the sound of this word for the emphasis on the “per” bit, because when you say “super” you emphasise the “soo” bit, and that reminds me of soup. Not that I don’t like soup, but it’s not really super. And it’s fun to say “floo-us”.

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Word of the week, 20th March

Today I asked the editor at my work placement what her favourite word is.


Ver-ih-sih-mih-lih-tyood; noun; the appearance of truth.

Sometimes you just like a word and have no explanation why, but I like this word because it has many syllables. I think having too many syllables is why some words go out of use, people are too lazy to say all of it. Just look at how “t”‘s have been dropped across the English language. Thank goodness for words like verisimilitude.

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Word of the week, 13th March

This week’s word is the complete antithesis of this website:


Ad-oks-oh-gr-fee; noun; Detailed and in-depth writing on an unimportant topic.

This word has much potential for everyday use; just look through newspapers after an uneventful week. Because pages need to be filled, all sorts of rubbish gets thrown in. Some might say that a lot of what is studied in school is adoxography.
So there we have it: Adoxography, a very useful word for the modern world.

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Word of the week, 6th March

A post on time! I’ve found a neat little site, Wordnik, that lists pretty much every word ever and allows you to make lists of your favourite words. The downside is that there are a lot of American spellings, and I’m pretty sure a few made-up words have gotten in. But I found this today:


Per-ruh-heel-yee-un; noun; The shortest distance from the sun a planet or comet has in orbit to it.

There’s not a lot of room for everyday use (unless your work involves talking about space and planets of course, in which case you probably use it anyway. Sorry.) but it’s got a great sound, especially if you can roll your R’s. Perrrrrrrihelion. Lovely.

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Word of the week, 2nd March

Firstly, my sincerest apologies for this delayed post. I’ve been getting myself all psyched for my placement at Life Media Group, and as such have been forgetting to check the site as regularly as I should. But enough of my personal ramblings.

BBC Radio 4 broadcast a show on Thursday about “The Meaning of Liff”, a book by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. It lists words, usually place names, for things most people (especially in Britain) experience and have no words for. It’s a very humourous little book, and finding this word reminded of it:


Fah-see-shee; noun; witty writings or remarks.

It’s a nice short word, is useful, and includes that lovely “tiae” spelling.

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