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Word of the week, 27th December

Oh, my belly aches. So much Christmas food has been eaten, I’ve been feeling very full and merry.

And, since it’s been Christmas, I’ve found two perfect words to describe the holiday:


Ah-blih-gyer-ri-shun; noun; spending a large amount of money on luxuries, particularly foods.


Ah-cyoo-bay-shun; noun; the act of reclining or lying down and eating.

Much food-buying and eating has been done, and all very much enjoyed. I expect these words to be used next year throughout Twitter and Facebook to describe the buying frenzy in supermarkets.
“The abligurition during Christmas drives me mad!”
“Dad’s accubation in front of the window is offending the neighbours.”

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Word of the week, 19th December

Lethologica proved a very useful word; if only I’d have remembered to use it.

This week describes that which I wish I had for writing and other projects:


Kah-koh-eh-thes; noun; an intense urge to do something.

This word reminds me of “cathartic” which I, shamefully, only learned earlier this year, but find it very useful to know and pleasing to say. Perhaps it’s just the novelty of knowing a new word and enjoying using it; why do you think I made “Word of the week”?
Anyway, cacoethes doesn’t save you syllables or breath, but much better describes your urgent need to do whatever it is you have an urgent need to do.

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Word of the week, 12th December

Filipendulous has proven a popular word this week, one that’s so enjoyable to say I hope for it to become more commonly said all over English-speaking countries soon. Spread the joy!

I’m trying to think of this week’s word. Argh, what was it?


Leth-oh-loh-ji-kah; noun; a psychological disorder causing the sufferer to forget key words and names; the inability to recall a certain word.

I don’t know why this isn’t said more often, especially if people are as forgetful as me. People always say “on the tip of my tongue!” when they could say “I’ve got lethologica!” Okay, it’s one syllable longer, but it makes so much more sense when you know there’s an actual word for not remembering a word.

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Word of the week, 5th December

Quite surprisingly, I haven’t heard or said the word “curatorial” in the past week; surprising because I attend an arts university, and you’d expect some talk of curators. I guess the foundations of my knowledge about art students has been shaken.

This week I’ve been feeling rather on edge, as if hanging somehow. Perhaps even:


Fih-lih-pen-dyu-lus; adjective; hanging by a thread.

A beautiful word, in my opinion. It actually has the same amount of syllables as it’s meaning, so to say it doesn’t even save time – you just sound a little frilly. The moment my eyes had read over this word I could not stop saying it. Call me bizarre, but it fills me with joy despite it’s neutral or even negative meaning. It’s a bit like saying “Stupendous!” instead of “Brilliant!” There’s another more commonly understood way of saying the same thing, but why conform?

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