Word of the week, 16th November

I offer my deepest apologies to the no-doubt hundreds, nay, thousands of readers of this blog, for the last two missing “Word of the week” posts, but I promise an honest explanation with this week’s.

The most joyous of words, celebrated by final year students everywhere:


Dis-er-tay-shun; noun; A very long piece of writing students are made to write in an attempt to torture them and break their spirits. An essay or thesis.

It is taking so awfully long to get mine done. I have the analysis down, or at least in theory, it’s just getting the actual words typed out that’s taking some time. Oh, and the fact people keep getting priority on the book I need in the library, so I’ve ended up buying it online which will arrive next week.
Still, I remain hopeful that I can get it done by Christmas and that it will actually be consistent and coherent!


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